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The  magical Cosmic Guru Coven offers a reliable, safe and private transaction. We highly value and guard your privacy. No one here or anywhere else, for that matter, will ever be aware of your purchase. All information, anything you may tell us, through transactions with one another will remain 100% confidential. You are completely protected with privacy when you purchase from the magical Cosmic Guru Coven.


Introduction:  Not all covens are equally experienced and skilled in magic practices....the  magical Cosmic Guru Coven sets those standards. We, are the elite, the unsurpassed, and the best of the best. We are what you have been searching for and hoping to find. We have had such a high success rate with our clients that many have suggested that we expand, offer our services to a larger group. We are confident that this community will give us that opportunity. Our coven would like to extend an open arms welcome to you! We are world renown  in our magic and with a combined ancestral training of over 257 years of helping individuals just like you! Our reputation in White Magic is unsurpassed. Your future awaits you with 13 highly developed practitioners, including Herman, our High Priest. Each of us will be working in unison for you. The White Magick we are offering you is of 13 strong, MASTER LEVEL skills. As our highly experienced coven works on your behalf genuine powerful life changes will be in your reach.


Albert Einstein once quipped that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. This axiom is well known and well quoted. Yet, for some unknown reason, many have chosen to go through life continually chaining themselves to a sinking ship. They change nothing in their behavior and wonder why the carnage of their lives is still washing ashore. This is an opportunity for you to finally break away the chains that have been holding you back from your well-deserved desires! 

Many have seen that with the help of our powerful Spiritual Gods and Goddesses that  magical, miraculous, impressive, extraordinary, remarkable, life-altering changes are possible. Used since ancient times the spiritual realm has been proven as a useful tool in improving ones life and circumstances. With the age of technology the benefits of this miraculous art form has been semi-forgotten to the general population. Never the less, there is a hand full of long practicing Covens still in existence today that can offer this valuable commodity. The magical Cosmic Guru Coven is one of these long-lived Covens with an extensive history of ancestral training.

All of the Cosmic Guru Coven's magical Haunted Amulets and Talismans are present at our conjuring rituals. These haunted articles are not "mass produced" in any way and are unique in the energies they possess. We conduct, at specific times, for specific purposes, ceremonies dedicated to gaining particular benefits for each article. Each "Talisman/Amulet Conjuring Rite" is performed for the sole purpose of attracting and collecting different energies depending upon the deities and epoch involved. These items are then infused with powerful energies provided by "The All" with particular souls in mind and they are meant to be shared with and used by others of "like mind". If you are a person, whose thoughts are not closed to the possibilities of the positive energies that do exist on diverse levels of reality, then the physical dimensions of our articles will assist you tremendously in your life's journey. We are glad you are with us. Here and in spirit. - High Priest, Herman.

Be sure to check out all  of our elite magic offerings!  Click tabs on top of page and scroll to see all items. We offer many specific and customized spell castings, rituals, potions and haunted items!

The magic spells cast with the magical Cosmic Guru Coven are significantly spiritual and highly effective in attaining their intended objectives. Keep in mind; there are 13 of us who are entusiastic about our  magic craft and workings and are looking forward to bringing you your desires.

Feel free to message us with any concerns, questions or any special needs you may have. We are always happy to help and are confident that we will be able to accomodate you.

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Satisfied Client: Daisy Dear Herman, I cannot tell you how your coven's "beauty potion" has changed my self-esteem and image. I needed to show you. Not bad, huh? You are the supreme man and I'll love you forever! XXOO, Daisy
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Just wanted to say THANK YOU! Happy, happy, happy! Even though I get some weird looks from most of my friends, I highly recommend your magic. Just wait, they are sure to check you out if they have any intelligence at all. You have been very understanding and more than helpful. A follower of your coven forever, (J.J.) Jimbo Jam Satisfied Client: Jimbo Jam
Satisfied Client: Ralph Sr. Your coven is of the highest ability, expertise and professionalism I have ever dealt with. I have been involved with Wicca magic for a number of years now and I can finally say that your coven's spells unquestionably manifest. I convey you my greatest thanks for making my life long dreams a reality. I shall look no further for guidance and help in the future, for I have found your coven. With my utmost gratitude, I thank you all. Ralph Sr.
Hello Friends! As you can see, dreams can come true, thanks to The Cosmic Guru Coven, I can now travel to exotic places. Believe...and it can happen! ~T.J Satisfied Client: T. J.
Satisfied You have my eternal gratitude and my business from now on. If I had more words left in my feedback I would have used them to tell the world about You. People often email me and ask me if I had a good experience with whoever I had dealings with. I shall tell them without hesitation you are the place to go for all your magic needs:)... I am already looking to see what I can buy from you next. Thanks to ALL of your Coven.. Blessed Be Daniel

The law requires that all paranormal items, such as spells and physic readings be sold for entertainment purposes only. You must be 18 years of age to purchase. Please refrain from purchasing if you have a fear of paranormal activity and be sure that accomplishment is what you really want before purchasing. We cannot be held responsible or liable for any activity that does or does not occur as a result of our work. By purchasing this item or service, you knowingly, and willingly accept this as an at your own risk purchase and except the terms as stated.
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