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It is with immense pride that we offer to all of you an opportunity to have the entire, very skilled, experienced, and talented Cosmic Guru Coven cast unlimited Magick Rituals for you under this coming FULL MOON! If you are looking for major changes in your life...do not miss this rare and special event!

Once your spells have been completed, within a matter of days, we will email you a FULL COMPREHENSIVE AND PERSONAL SUMMARY of your casting.

Our Coven of 13 is well versed in advanced mystical practices. This is a wonderful opportunity for anybody who desires a better life. By purchasing this casting Ritual set under the Full Moon, you can change all of the things in your life that you wish to have changed, all in one night.

Magikal Energy

We have proven with the history of our coven that our combined 257 years of expertise with advanced magickal practices can vitalize, enhance and improve the lives of each of us. The lucky recipients who have previously been courageous enough to obtain our aid under a Full Moon have seen numerous, amazing changes in their lives. They have secured love, happiness, and peace. They have become wealthy and content. They now live life to the fullest as a direct result of our work, on their behalf, under the magnificent power of The Full Moon. Imagine the results that can be attained!

Dear friends, if you emerge victorious, and purchase this offer of fate, you will factually own our combined powers, skills and expertise for the FULL NIGHT of the next upcoming Full Moon. We will cast any spells, any blessings that you desire. Should you desire luck, protection, love, body improvements, sexual pleasure, self-confidence, fame, great wealth...anything! We can make it a reality for you under this upcoming powerful Full Moon. You can have anything you desire.

The Full Moon is the time of fresh starts, better karma, a brighter life, and a new, clean beginning. The session will begin at 9:00 PM through midnight, until all of your chosen spell  rituals have been completed. You will be our only client during this powerful evening. All that we have will be concentrated on you and your desires. You, and you ALONE!

Our casting past is filled with clients who have taken this bold step and have made remarkable advances in their lives. Financial benefits, luxury, even celebrity status has been achieved. We can proudly boast of lottery winners, actors, models, CEO's and a well-known singer. Our clients are succeeding in business, with their families and friends. Amazingly huge changes in their lives, and they thank us daily.

The Full Moon has amazing Power!

What we present to you is an opportunity of a lifetime. Master Practitioners charge upwards of $200 PER RITUAL for the sort of significantly advanced magick that we will cast for you. This coming Full Moon evening, you may choose unlimited Master Level Rituals cast specifically for you. This coming Full Moon is your chance to attain all of your dreams and desires on one night rather than spending thousands of dollars on an assortment of spell casters until you find the right one. Not all covens are equally experienced and skilled....the Cosmic Guru Coven sets those standards. We are the elite, the unsurpassed, and the best of the best. We are what you have been searching for and hoping to find.

We have seen that with the help of the world famous magician and published author Lord Thiad and his accomplished and gifted coven, that miraculous, impressive, extraordinary, beyond words, life-altering changes are possible. This is a once a month opportunity. You are short on time, as the Full Moon is forthcoming rapidly.

Our Goddess and the spiritual realm are guided in their power by the moon. The night of the Full Moon, is respected as a time of extremely high spiritual energy. It is the time when the mystical powers are at their highest potency, and effectiveness.

The Full Moon signifies the one night each month where the lunar energy is at its supreme power peak. The spirits are at play on the night of the Full Moon. It is a night of dreams, madness, visions, lust, and beauty. The Cosmic Guru Coven has the expertise, skills and the abilities to harness this energy and project it on to you. Let us help you turn your wishes, dreams and desires into reality.

The type of castings is entirely up to you. Choose from any of the following, or discuss any custom needs you may have with us. Based upon several factors, we will plan and implement your ritual. Once completed, within a matter of days, we will email you a COMPREHENSIVE AND PERSONAL SUMMARY of your casting.

Below is just a small list of the possibilities that we can and will help you with:

~Money, wealth, success
~Curse and negative karma removal
~Quit bad habits/smoking, drinking, etc.
~Increase your luck and fortune
~Increased orgasmic pleasure/staying power & confidence
~Weight loss/gain
~Karma enhancement
~Discard notoriety
~Become irresistible
~Obtain self-confidence/self esteem
~Find true love/soul mate, reunite with lost love
~Beauty and vanity/fountain of youth
~Healing/illness/health concerns
~Time travel
~Cease anxiety/depression
~Obtain luxury
~Curse removal
~Employment opportunities
~Protective light for you and your loved ones
~Breast/penis/muscle enhancement, enlargement
~Mind control
~Fast sale of house/condo/timeshare/property
~Hair growth
~Many, many more
~If you do not see it here, just ask...Your wish is our command!

This opportunity is being offered to only one lucky buyer. There will be only one purchaser for this night, only one recipient of our powers. This is truly a unique opportunity for you to seize. Feel free to message us with any special needs, questions or concerns you may have. We are always happy to help and we are confident that we will be able to accomodate you.


Ritual Casting

Upon payment, within 12 hours, we will send an email to you using the email address that is associated with your Pay Pal payment. Please check to see that it is correct. In addition, please be swift and respond to our message as soon as possible, as we will need your spell choices and we have several questions to ask you in an effort to learn of your specifics for your desires. We will need to work quickly so that all preparations are in order come the next Full Moon. We are highly communicative and attentive, and ask that you please do the same.

                                                                       ABUNDANT BLESSINGS!

                                                    Do not hesitate. This is a limited time offer of fate.

                                               This is serious magick, so please...serious persons only.

Exclusive Full Moon Casting: $98.44


Welcome to our site!

High Priest Herman

Up for consideration today is a Master Level casting which will provide financial relief and wealth. The 30-nights rituals will be held over the course of one full lunar cycle. Typically, the average wealth results have varied from $11,000. up to a whopping $1,000,250. Previous clients have attained these results, anywhere from the day of completion to 16 weeks time.

The beginning materialization of this casting is generally swift. You will begin seeing your situation changing with a noticeable increased cash flow. This will change your life, your future for the better. This offer is an opportunity for our Coven to come to the aid of people who are in real need.

We will take the time and effort necessary to learn about you. Using this information, we will determine a specific casting time and attain the supreme crest of lunar energy that is best for you as an individual. We will then begin the progression of your powerful 30 day, lunar cycle casting.

Our Covens work, done on your behalf, will change your economic future. You will see a dramatic increase in your cash flow. There is no limit! Including, but not limited to: lottery winnings, scratch off ticket wins, sweepstakes, casino jackpots, pay raises, business assets, bewildering inheritances, found money, and out of the blue wealth!

Don't Worry, be happy!

Upon receipt of your payment, we will e-mail you within 24 hours, via the e-mail address associated with your PayPal account. We are extremely attentive, communicative, understanding and prompt. We will respond to every e-mail. Keep in mind, there are 13 of us who are enthusiastic and looking forward to bringing you your desires.

To summarize and to clarify this offer: All our communications will be through email. We do the spell casting for you through one entire lunar cycle. We will never suggest a further purchase from you. Upon completion of your first "Grand Daddy" ritual casting, you will receive, through email, a detailed casting summary from the Coven regarding your initial casting ritual. Following your comprehensive summary, we will email you weekly updates regarding the previous week's workings done on your behalf. They shall contain numerous details regarding you and your future fortune. We will also fill you in on what you should expect in moving forward.

Unexpected Cash!

Perhaps you are uncertain, never tried the supernatural sphere before? This is a good place to start if you are unfamiliar. Our goal is to help others. Perhaps you are even a little scared or skeptical, pondering why you are even drawn here? It is probable that your inner guidance is sending you to us. You are being drawn by the high power of fate. Step into our world; let us work together in bringing you the wealth you desire.


You have arrived at your crossroads. Are you tired of living pay check to pay check? Are you ready for an extreme financial change? Are you ready to end your daily cash struggles? A better life awaits you. A sweet bank account, fancy cars, a new home, luxurious vacations, savings for your future and your childrens education. No more money woes!

Albert Einstein once quipped that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. This axiom is well known and well quoted. Yet, for some unknown reason, many have chosen to go through life continually chaining themselves to a sinking ship. They change nothing in their behavior and wonder why the carnage of their lives is still washing ashore. This is an opportunity for you to finally break away the chains that have been holding you back from your well-deserved desires!

Many have seen that with the help of our powerful Spiritual Gods and Goddesses that miraculous, impressive, extraordinary, remarkable, life-altering changes are possible. Used since ancient times the spiritual realm has been proven as a useful tool in improving ones life and circumstances. With the age of technology the benefits of this miraculous art form has been semi-forgotten to the general population. Never the less, there is a hand full of long practicing Covens still in existence today that can offer this valuable commodity. The Cosmic Guru Coven is one of these long-lived Covens with an extensive history of ancestral training.

Celebrate good times!

This is truly a unique opportunity for you to seize. Feel free to message us with any special needs, questions or concerns you may have. We are always happy to help and are confident that we can accommodate you. 

Ritual Casting

Upon receipt of your payment, we will e-mail you confirmation within 24 hours, via the e-mail address associated with your PayPal account. If you wish to communicate via a different e-mail address, it is crucial that you include that information when you make payment. We will have a few questions to ask you, and will give you the opportunity to honestly, freely, and openly disclose your desires. Please communicate swiftly and effectively throughout this process. We are highly communicative and attentive, and ask that you please do the same. Based upon several factors, we will plan and implement your ritual and email you the date of your casting. Once completed, within a matter of days, we will email you your comprehensive and personal summary of your casting. Following your summary, you can look forward to our weekly updates regarding the previous weeks workings done on your behalf!

The spells cast with the Cosmic Guru Coven are significantly spiritual, and highly effective in attaining their intended objectives. Keep in mind; there are 13 of us who are enthusiastic about our "30 Day Money Ritual" and we are looking forward to bringing you your desires.

                                                                      ABUNDANT BLESSINGS !

                                                    Do not hesitate. This is a limited time offer of fate.

                                              This is serious magick, so please...serious persons only.

30 Day Money Ritual :   $78.44
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